Privacy Policy

At our platform, we value your privacy and take it seriously.

Your IP information is stored for the purpose of identifying and preventing spammers, as well as ensuring the security of your account.

Rest assured that we never sell or disclose your personal information to any third party, except when required by law. The only instance where we share your details is when you explicitly allow us to do so with a student or tutor.

When a student posts their requirements

please note that once you close your post, no new teachers can contact you. However, teachers who purchased your contact details before you closed your requirements will still be able to contact you.

I want to deactivate my account

To deactivate your account, please navigate to your Dashboard.

If you are a student, your posted requirements will be closed automatically, and no new teachers will be able to contact you. Teachers who have already contacted you may still be able to contact you privately.

If you are a teacher, deleting your account will result in your profile being inaccessible to everyone, including you. However, we will retain your details for security and legal reasons. Any students who have already received your contact information will be able to view the messages you sent and your contact details.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or require additional information about our privacy policy.