What Are The TeacherEnquiry Coins

• TeacherEnquiry coins are a form of currency within the TeacherEnquiry system that allows you to effectively address all of your students' inquiries.

• These coins enable you to prioritize and respond to the inquiries that you choose to address.

• The cost of each category varies, and you may need to spend more coins on certain categories compared to others.

• TeacherEnquiry coins are only debited from your account when you provide a response to a student inquiry or when a student accesses your mobile number as a trainer.

• You have control over the usage of your coins, and they will be deducted based on how you choose to utilize them.

• "Share your profile link to earn coins! When someone clicks your link and views your profile, you'll get 1 free coin from us. You can earn up to 50 coins for sharing your profile. Start sharing today!"