About Us

TeacherEnquiry.com is a no-cost online platform that has earned the trust of numerous educators and learners worldwide.

While we may not be the largest, we are committed to providing the most attentive service. Even if you explore other websites offering comparable services, we hope you will remember us and share your experience with others. Our goal is to continually strive towards excellence to ensure your satisfaction.


Our objectives are to enable every teacher to be discoverable both locally and online, while maintaining the website as a no-cost resource for both educators and learners. Furthermore, we strive to ensure that students receive a teacher matched to their requirements within 24 hours of posting their needs.

Operating Principles

We believe that information should be freely accessible, and individuals should not be compelled to pay if they cannot afford to do so.

We prioritize ease of use by designing user-friendly systems and continuously improving them based on your feedback.

We are committed to inclusion, which means reaching not only metropolitan areas and big cities but also remote regions in small and developing countries around the world.

We prioritize the quality of information, and while we strive for ease of use, we are willing to make necessary trade-offs to ensure the highest level of quality.

We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards miscreants, spammers, and marketers who prioritize their profit over the welfare of our users.

Our commitment to you

Data Privacy: We will never share or sell your data without your permission, and you won't receive any spam from us.

Continuous Improvement: We are committed to continuously improving our software based on your feedback. This means more features and opportunities, whether you are looking for tutors or teaching jobs.

How does the website work?

For Teachers:

High Standards: We hold our teachers to a higher standard by collecting detailed information about them before they can start with us. Only sincere teachers who invest the time to make their profile awesome are accepted.

Minimum Description: Teachers are required to write a minimum of 100 words about themselves and their teaching methodology. This prompts teachers to think creatively about themselves and stand apart from others.

For Students:

Free to Use: The website is free to use, but contacting tutors does have a cost. Students can contact three tutors for free and must pay to contact more.

Respect Others: We ask that students respect others while using the website. Teachers can be contacted by students for free, and some jobs are also free to apply for.